“See the Music, Hear the Dancing”

-George Balanchine

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It was with Kristin Kingsley’s passion for ballet technique and performance that the Longmont Dance Theatre was established in August of 1998. In its 18th year, the school’s academic program boasts syllabi designed for both the serious ballet student and students who possess a range of talent and interest in all forms of classical dance. Our vision is to develop students whose lives are enhanced through their experience with the school, its faculty, and other artists. Through The Children’s Division (3-5 yrs), The Ballet Division (5-18 yrs), and The Open Division (5 yrs-Adult) students will:

  • Experience the joy of movement in a pre-professional dance environment with a facility equipped with sprung marley flooring, ballet barres and mirrors, and live piano accompaniment for specific classes
  • Benefit from developmental teaching for all age and skill levels with experienced, professional instructors and faculty members
  • Learn through the core principles of proper alignment, technique, musicality, and artistry in a healthy and energetic atmosphere
  • Grow as an artist in the studio and on stage through professional style performances accompanied by live musicians and/or a full orchestra

Longmont Dance Theatre is Longmont’s only pre-professional ballet school. We offer the very finest in classical dance training of all genres, and believe it’s crucial to emphasize ballet technique while offering a wide curriculum of classical dance styles. We believe that training in all types of dance provides the versatility necessary for our young ballerinas and male dancers, while encouraging a broad understanding of dance as an art form. LDTA accepts all eligible students of all races, national, religious, and ethnic origins.