Class Schedule

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Students in the Ballet Division – Level C1, C2, D, D/E, and E receive a discount when enrolled in all classes for the level as well as additional discounts for add-on classes. See the Ballet Division section of this website for more information. Level D, D/E, and E students must take a minimum of three technique classes to participate in a pointe class and the annual recital.

Admission to the Pre-Collegiate Ballet Intensive Program is by audition only.

Multi-Student Discounts apply to registrations completed in the same transaction.

Monday Classes
ClassTimesLocationDivisionAgesInstructorAnnual Tuition
Ballet Technique – Level A2 (First Grade)4:45-5:45Studio OneElementary Ballet6-7LM$527
Ballet Technique – Level A1 (Kindergarten)4:45-5:45Studio TwoElementary Ballet5-6KD$527
Combination Ballet & Tap4:45-5:45Studio ThreeChildren’s Division2-5DH$136/Quarter
Ballet Technique – Level D5:45-7:15Studio TwoBallet Division11+KD$620*
Ballet Technique – Level E5:45-7:15Studio OneBallet Division12+LM$620*
Ballet Technique – Level B1 (Second Grade)5:45-6:45Studio ThreeElementary Ballet7-8DH$527
Tuesday Classes
ClassTimesLocationDivisionAgesInstructorAnnual Tuition
Ballet Technique – Level D4:45-5:45Studio OneBallet Division11+KK$640
Ballet Technique – Level A1 (Kindergarten)4:45-5:45Studio TwoElementary Ballet5-6CH$544
Boys Dance (Age 3-5)4:45-5:30Studio ThreeChildren’s Division2-5MH$124/Quarter
Boys Dance (Age 6-8)5:30-6:15Studio ThreeBoys Technique6-8MH$496
Ballet Technique – Level C25:45-7:00Studio TwoBallet Division10+CH$592
Pointe I6:15-7:15Studio OneBallet Division11+KK$544
Boys Dance (Age 9+)6:15-7:15Studio ThreeBoys Technique9+MH$544
Teen Ballet7:15-8:30Studio OneTeen Division13+MH$592
Adult Aerial 7:30-8:30Studio TwoAdult DivisionAdultSH$450
Wednesday Classes
ClassTimesLocationDivisionAgesInstructorAnnual Tuition
Combination Ballet & Tap10:00-11:00 AMStudio TwoChildren’s Division2-5KK$136/quarter
Homeschool Ballet (Ages 6-8)11:00-12:00 PMStudio TwoHomeschool Division6-8MH$500
Homeschool Ballet (Ages 13+)11:45-1:00 PMStudio OneHomeschool Division13+KD$544
Homeschool Ballet (Ages 9-12)12:00-1:15 PMStudio TwoHomeschool Division9-12MH$544
Ballet Technique C1 4:45-6:00Studio OneBallet Division9-12KK$573.50
Ballet Technique – Level B2 (Third Grade)5:45-7:00Studio ThreeElementary Ballet8-9SQ$573.50
Modern I6:00-7:00Studio OneBallet Division/Open Division9-12DH$527
Ballet Technique E6:00-7:30Studio TwoBallet Division12+KK$620
Adult Ballet – Intermediate/Advanced7:00-8:30Studio OneAdult DivisionAdultTBD$450
Pointe II7:30-8:30Studio TwoBallet Division12+KK$527
Thursday Classes
ClassTimesLocationDivisionAgesInstructorAnnual Tuition
Combination Ballet & Tap10:00-11:00Studio TwoChildren’s Division2-5KK$136/quarter
Little Birds10:00-10:45Studio ThreeDalcroze6mos-2yrsES$128.50/quarter
Introduction to Dalcroze11:00-11:45Studio ThreeDalcroze3-6ES$128.50/quarter
Morning Ballet11:15-12:30Studio OneAdult DivisionAdultKK$450
Modern II4:45-5:45Studio OneBallet Division/Open Division10+MO$544
Ballet Technique – Level A2 (First Grade)4:45-5:45Studio TwoElementary Ballet6-7KK$544
Dalcroze Eurythmics4:45-5:30Studio ThreeDalcroze4-7ES$454
Ballet D5:30-7:00Studio ThreeBallet Division11+MH$640
Pre-Pointe5:45-7:00Studio TwoBallet Division10+KK$592
Modern IV6:00-7:00Studio OneBallet Division/Open Division12+MO$544
Modern III7:00-8:00Studio OneBallet Division/Open Division11+MO$544
Ballet Technique – Level E7:00-8:30Studio TwoBallet Division12+KK$640
Adult Ballet – Beginning7:00-8:30Studio ThreeBallet DivisionAdultMH$450
Saturday Classes
ClassTimesLocationDivisionAgesInstructorAnnual Tuition
Pre-Collegiate Ballet Intensive Program9:00-10:30Studio OnePBIP13+KKBy Audition
Ballet Technique – Level A2 (First Grade)9:00-10:00Studio TwoElementary Ballet6-7DH$527
Ballet Technique – Level B2 (Third Grade)10:00-11:15Studio TwoElementary Ballet8-9DH$573.50
Combination Ballet & Tap10:00-11:00Studio ThreeChildren’s Division2-5RJ$136/quarter
Ballet Technique – Level E10:30-12:00Studio OneBallet Division12+KK$620
Ballet Technique – Level A1 (Kindergarten)11:00-12:00Studio ThreeElementary Ballet5-6RJ$527
Jazz I11:30-12:30Studio TwoOpen Division8-12DH$527
Tap/Jazz12:00-1:00Studio ThreeOpen Division5-8RJ$527
Jazz II12:30-1:30Studio TwoOpen Division11+DH$527
Aerial I1:30-2:30Studio TwoOpen Division7-12SH$527
Aerial II2:30-3:30Studio TwoOpen Division13+SH$527