Class Schedule


To view our most up-to-date class schedule and register for classes (for drop-ins, class cards, or the remainder of year), please go to our Registration Page.

Classes listed as Rec Center Classes may be taken quarterly by enrolling through the Longmont Department of Recreation. See the Rec Center section of this website for more information.

Students in the Ballet Division – Level C1, C2, D1, D2, and E receive a discount when enrolled in all classes for the level. See the Ballet Division section of this website for more information. Level D1, D2, and E students must take a minimum of three technique classes to participate in a pointe class and the annual recital.

Admission to the Pre-Collegiate Ballet Intensive Program is by audition only.

Classes marked with an asterisk are recital classes.

Monday Classes
ClassTimesLocationDivisionAgesInstructorAnnual Tuition
Pre-Collegiate Ballet Intensive Program1:30-5:30VariesPBIPPBIPvaries
Ballet Technique – Level A1*4:45-5:45Studio TwoBallet5-6CS$550
Ballet Technique – Level C1*5:45-7:00Studio OneBallet9-10MH$570
Ballet Technique – Level B2*5:45-6:45Studio TwoBallet8-9CS$550
Ballet Technique – Level D26:45-8:15Studio TwoBallet12-14CS$590*
Ballet Technique – Level E7:00-8:30Studio OneBallet13-18MH$590*
Tuesday Classes
ClassTimesLocationDivisionAgesInstructorAnnual Tuition
Pre-Collegiate Ballet Intensive Program1:30-4:45VariesPBIPPBIPvaries
Combo Ballet/Tap (Rec Center Class)*4:30-5:30Studio TwoChildrens3-5MC$130/quarter
Ballet Technique – Level B1*4:45-5:45Studio OneBallet7-8CS$550
Ballet Technique – Level D25:00-6:30Studio TwoBallet12+KK$590
Ballet Technique – Level A2 (Rec Center Class)*5:30-6:30Studio ThreeBallet6-7MH$550 or $130/quarter
Ballet Technique – Level C2*5:45-7:00Studio OneBallet10-12CS$570
Pointe – Level D2*6:30-7:30Studio TwoBallet12+KK$550
Ballet Technique – Level E 7:00-8:30Studio OneBallet13+CS$590
Adult/Teen Ballet – Beg/Int (Rec Center Class)7:00-8:30Studio ThreeAdult/Teen11+MH$425 or $130/quarter
Adult Aerial (Rec Center Class)7:30-8:30Studio TwoAdult/TeenAdultSH$425 or $130/quarter
Wednesday Classes
ClassTimesLocationDivisionAgesInstructorAnnual Tuition
Combo 3/4/5*10:00-11:00Studio TwoChildrens3-5MC$130/quarter
Pre-Collegiate Ballet Intensive Program4:30-4:45VariesPBIP14+varies
Combo 3/4/5*3:30-4:30Studio ThreeChildrens3-5MC$130/quarter
Ballet Technique – Level A2*4:30-5:30Studio ThreeBallet6-7MC$550
Ballet Technique – Level B2*4:45-5:45Studio OneBallet8-9KK$550
Modern – Level C1*4:45-5:45Studio TwoBallet or Open9-10DH$550*
Ballet Technique – Level E5:45-7:15Studio OneBallet13+KK$590*
Modern – Level D1*5:45-6:45Studio TwoBallet or Open11-13DH$550*
Pre-Pointe – Level C15:45-7:00Studio ThreeBallet9-10CS/RJ$570*
Ballet Technique – Level D16:45-8:15Studio TwoBallet11-13MH/RJ$590*
Adult/Teen Ballet – Adv7:00-8:30Studio ThreeAdult/Teen11+CS$425
Pointe – Level E*7:15-8:15Studio OneBallet13+KK$550
Thursday Classes
ClassTimesLocationDivisionAgesInstructorAnnual Tuition
Combo 3/4/5*10:00-11:00Studio TwoChildrens3-5KK$130/quarter
Little Birds10:00-10:45Studio ThreeDalcroze6mos-2yrsESvaries per quarter
Introduction to Dalcroze11:00-11:45Studio ThreeDalcroze3-5ESvaries per quarter
Adult/Teen Ballet – Beg/Int11:15-12:30Studio TwoAdult/Teen11+KK$425
Pre-Collegiate Ballet Intensive Program1:30-4:45variesPBIP14+varies
Modern – Level C2*4:45-5:45Studio OneBallet or Open10-12MO$550*
Ballet Technique – Level A1*4:45-5:45Studio TwoBallet6-7KK$550
SuperHero Boys (Rec Center Class)*4:45-5:30Studio ThreeBallet or Open5-9MH$500 or $125/quarter
Modern – Level E*5:45-6:45Studio OneBallet, Open, or Adult/Teen13+MO$550*
Pre-Pointe – Level C2 5:45-7:00Studio TwoBallet10-12KK$570*
Boys Dance*5:45-7:00Studio ThreeBallet or Open10-14MH$540
Modern – Level D2*6:45-7:45Studio OneBallet or Open12+MO$550*
Ballet Technique – Level E7:00-8:30Studio TwoBallet13+KK$590*
Friday Classes
ClassTimesLocationDivisionAgesInstructorAnnual Tuition
Pre-Collegiate Ballet Intensive Program1:30-5:30variesPBIP14+varies
Dalcroze Eurythmics4:00-4:45Studio ThreeDalcroze4-7ES$440
Ballet Technique – Level B1*5:00-6:00Studio ThreeBallet7-8SQ$550
Ballet Technique – Level D25:30-7:00Studio OneBallet12-14LM$590*
Jazz I*5:30-6:30Studio TwoOpen or Adult/Teen9-13DH$534
Adult/Teen Ballet – Beg6:00-7:30Studio ThreeAdult/Teen11+SQ$412.50
Jazz III*6:30-7:30Studio TwoOpen or Adult/Teen13+DH$534
Ballet Technique – Level D17:00-8:30Studio OneBallet11-13LM$590*
Jazz II*7:30-8:30Studio TwoOpen or Adult/Teen12+DH$534
Saturday Classes
ClassTimesLocationDivisionAgesInstructorAnnual Tuition
Ballet Technique – Level E9:00-10:30Studio OneBallet13+CS$590*
Ballet Technique – Level D19:00-10:30Studio TwoBallet11-13KK$590*
Combo 3/4/5 (Rec Center Class)*9:00-10:00Studio ThreeChildren’s3-5RJ$130/quarter
Combo 3/4/5*10:00-11:00Studio ThreeChildren’s3-5RJ$130/quarter
Pre-Collegiate Ballet Intensive Program*10:30-12:00Studio OnePBIP14+CS
Pointe – Level D1*10:30-11:15Studio TwoBallet11-13KK$570*
Ballet Technique – Level A1/A2*11:00-12:00Studio ThreeBallet5-7RJ$550
Ballet Technique – Level D211:15-12:45Studio TwoBallet12-14KK$590*
Tap/Jazz*12:00-12:45Studio ThreeOpen5-9RJ$515
Aerial I1:30-2:30Studio TwoOpen7-10SH$534
Aerial II2:30-3:30Studio TwoOpen11-17SH$534