Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are my tuition payment options?

Tuition Payment Options are as follows:

  1. Pre-Payment – Patrons paying tuition in full by the first day of class will be given a 5% discount. This discount is already factored into the prepay amount listed on the tuition table.
  2. Installment Plan – This option is available for patrons choosing to pay the full tuition in installments on defined due dates.
  3. Drop-In Tuition – This option is offered to our Open Division adult students. Payment must be made prior to each class taken.
  4. Punch Card – A punch card can be purchase to receive a discount on drop-in tuition. Punch Cards are available in 5 or 10 class options and will expire at the end of the season in which they were purchased.

Tuition Information

  • A non-refundable registration fee of $25 per student/$35 per family is due on or before the first week of classes for the school calendar year August through July of the following year.
  • Tuition at LDTA may be paid by credit card. If payment is not made online, a credit card authorization form must be filled out upon registration to use your credit card to pay tuition. Credit card information is NOT kept on file from year to year; information must be updated upon enrollment.
  • For patrons paying by the Credit Card Installment plan, the credit card will be automatically charged on each installment due date.

What are the tuition rates?

View the current tuition rates in our brochure, which can be found on the right side of our home page, above the calendar.

When is my tuition due?

If you are paying in full for the prepay discount, tuition is due on or before the first day of classes.
If you are paying by LDTA’s installment plan, tuition is due monthly beginning on or before the first day of classes. All future installment payments will be withdrawn-using the card on file-on the date in which you first were assigned your plan throughout the length of the plan. (i.e. If you signed up for your plan on the 24th of the month, all consecutive payments will be withdrawn on the 24th of each month until the monthly requirement has been met). There are 9 total installments in the full school year of tuition (Fall-Winter/Spring); students registering after the first payment will have a fixed plan to mirror the appropriately remaining installments within the year.

What if I need to withdraw from classes at LDTA?


  • All withdrawals must be submitted to LDTA in writing. Withdrawal penalties are determined by the date on which written request is given. A withdrawal is not complete until written request is received. Students may be liable for the full year’s tuition if LDTA is not notified of a withdrawal.
  • Withdrawals within the first four weeks of registration will incur a $50 penalty in addition to the amount of tuition due for the number of weeks enrolled.
  • Withdrawals after the first four weeks of registration will incur a penalty fee equal to 50% of the total tuition due for the remainder of the year in addition to the amount of tuition due for the number of weeks enrolled.

What are the additional opportunities (and their cost) for my student while enrolled at LDTA?

  • Auditioned Performances: LDTA’s Ballet Division students are invited to audition for several performances in a season.
    • Auditions are typically held on the first or second weekend after classes begin for each semester. Fall semester for The Nutcracker and Winter/Spring semester for the spring Gala Performance.
    • Showcase performances require a performance fee of $35 per performer/$60 per family.
    • The Nutcracker and spring Gala Performances each require a performance fee of $250 per performer or $200 with CSB Guild Membership.
    • What do your fees cover? LDT is proud to offer live musical accompaniment, professional guest artists, full set design, and stage lighting. Your performance fees directly support LDT’s professional performance atmosphere.
  • LDTA’s Children’s Division Holiday Recital is an annual performance that occurs before the Holiday Break. This show includes all registered students of the Children’s Division (ages 3–5 years old) who are interested in performing. LDTA holds the Holiday Recital at Niwot High School Auditorium prior to Saturday’s performances of The Nutcracker. With over 700 seats available, parents may invite as many friends as they like to this wonderful recital to experience the accomplishments of their dancers. All are welcome to video and take non-flash photos during the performance. Choosing to have the Holiday Recital on the same day as The Nutcracker will command a huge commitment from LDTA’s instructors; however it is a cost-saving measure for our students and their parents, as the rental of the auditorium will be shared with The Nutcracker production.
    • Cost: $35 Recital Fee (non-refundable) – includes (5) general admission tickets to the performance.
    • Costume fee range is $15-$75
  • LDTA’s Spring Recital: The Children’s, Ballet and Open Divisions are invited to participate in the year-end recital every May. This performance showcases what students have learned in their classes during the year.
    • Recital fees (non-refundable): $35 per student/$65 maximum  per family. Fee includes (5) tickets per performance fee paid. Recital fees can be reduced to $25 per student/$50 per family when a parent volunteers to help during the show either backstage or front of house. One child’s fee may be reduced per volunteer occurrence.
    • Tickets: $5 General Admission
    • Costumes: Often range from $0 – $55 per costume. LDTA School Director and instructors choose recital costumes that are age appropriate, dance appropriate, and reasonably priced. If there are modesty concerns, please discuss these with LDTA.
    • For current dates and more recital information, please view our Google Calendar or contact the office.
  • Registration Fee: A non-refundable registration fee of $25 per student/$35 per family is due on or before the first week of classes for the school calendar year August through July of the following year.
  • LDTA Apparel: LDTA offers unique T-shirts, jackets, sweats, and more for our students as an optional purchase. Order forms are sent out to families via email and posted around the LDTA studios.

What is a Shoe Exchange?

LDTA has a shoe exchange program where families can trade lightly used shoes for a different size at no cost. If you don’t have shoes to trade, you can purchase a lightly used pair for just $10. Shoes are available to exchange year-round; however, LDTA hosts a shoe exchange/bake sale during LDT audition events. Used leotards and other dance items may also be available.

School Calendar with planned closures, performances, and event dates

  • Please note LDTA’s closures on our website and Student Handbook.
  • Ballet classes are cancelled during the production weeks leading up to The Nutcracker and Spring Gala Performance.
  • LDTA evening classes will always be held in the event of an SVVSD school closure with the exception of long breaks (December holiday break & Spring Break) and Labor Day. When SVVSD closes for non-student contact days, bank holidays, etc. LDTA will remain open for evening classes.
  • Students may make up classes missed for performance week closures at any point in the year.
  • Click here to see our SCHOOL CALENDAR

What is the dress code?

And where do I go to get these items?

Longmont Dance Theatre Academy is proud to work with our local dance supply store, Boulder Body Wear. LDTA Students receive a 10% discount on items at Boulder Body wear! Located at 2660 Canyon Blvd Suite A-1 Boulder CO 80302 PH: 303-447-9100

Children’s Division (Combo 3/4/5) Attire

Girls: Black leotard, no unattached skirts; pink full-footed tights; pink leather ballet slippers; black tap shoes; hair in secure bun/pulled away from the neck and face

Boys: White t-shirt tucked in; black cotton pants/shorts; white socks; black leather ballet slippers; black tap shoes

Ballet Division Attire:


  1. Any style solid black leotard (no designs or sequins)/Ballet Recital blue/purple Leotard with attached skirt; no unattached skirts for Ballet Levels A-B; levels C-E may wear skirts during pre-pointe/pointe class only
  2. Pink canvas or leather ballet slippers with drawstring bows tucked in; only pointe students may wear split sole ballet slippers; where applicable pointe shoes must be properly fitted by Boulder Body Wear
  3. Hair must be in a secure bun or pulled away from the neck and face; no swinging ponytails
  4. Full-footed tights. Level A-E: Ballet Pink, Bloch Endura Adaptatoe convertible tights with seams. Available sizes: Ch Sm/Med (6-8), Med/Large (10-12) & Adult: A, B, C, D


  1. White t-shirt tucked in; dark colored (black preferred) jazz/yoga pants, shorts, or tights; white socks; black leather or canvas ballet slippers

Additional Ballet Division Dress Code Requirements for classes, auditions, and rehearsals:

  • No dangly earrings longer than 1 inch. No necklaces, bracelets, anklets, rings, or watches allowed. Stud earrings are acceptable.
  • No shorts, capris, pants, or legwarmers allowed in Ballet Division classes and rehearsals. Additionally, no shirts of any kind for classes.
  • Elastics and ribbons on ballet slippers and pointe shoes must be properly sewn.
  • Female students with short hair must use a headband and also secure the hair in the back. Male students: long hair must be arranged off of the face.
  • All students should carry a dance notebook with them at all times so that they may be prepared to take notes regarding classes and rehearsals.

Open Division Attire

Hip Hop:

Girls and Boys: Leotard of any color or shirt with no words; loose fitting pants: jazz, yoga, workout, or sweatpants (no jeans); flat bottom tennis shoes (shoes must not be worn outside – this prevents damage to our studio flooring from bacteria, glass, rocks, or pebbles); hair must be pulled back from face and neck; no skirts, no shorts, and no half shirts will be tolerated.


Girls: Leotard of any style and color; tan, non-shiny tights; lycra jazz pants or lycra bike shorts, black tap shoes or black jazz shoes (class appropriate). No baggy clothes; no sneakers; no jeans; hair must be pulled back from face and neck.

Boys: T-shirt of any color; lycra jazz pants or lycra bike shorts; black tap shoes or black jazz shoes (class appropriate); no baggy clothes; no sneakers; no jeans.

Modern and Ballet in the Air:

Girls: Leotard of any style and color; any color footless tights; no shoes or sock; hair pulled back from face and neck.

Boys: T-shirt of any color; loose fitting pants (no jeans); no shoes/socks.

Additional Dress Code considerations:

  • For security reasons, street clothing and street shoes are required when entering and exiting the building. Dance shoes are prohibited from being worn outside the studio.
  • For hygienic reasons, shoes must be worn at all times inside the building except during modern, conditioning, and ballet in the air classes.
  • Gently used dance clothing and shoes will be available during the Shoe Exchange.

What if my student misses class? How do I make-up classes?

Make-Up Policy

  • Poor attendance affects learning and progress, and can have a detrimental effect upon the entire class.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to make up missed classes as progress and future class placement can be greatly affected by even one absence.
  • Students may make up missed classes in their class level or below. Please contact the school office to schedule any make-up classes.
  • Make-up classes cannot be carried over into another year.

How do I know if LDTA is closed for a snow day or other inclement weather closure?

Snow Cancellation Policy

  • In the event of inclement weather, which may cause class cancellations, LDTA will place an outgoing message to that effect on the LDTA voicemail system. LDTA also utilizes Facebook and email communication to provide closure information to our patrons.
  • LDTA uses the St. Vrain Valley School District as a guideline for weather cancellations. LDTA recommends checking the LDTA voicemail system to confirm whether or not classes will be held, as circumstances may change during the day to allow us to have regularly schedule classes.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to find out if classes will be in session due to the weather.

What is LDTA’s Summer Intensive Program?

LDTA offers a 6-week or 8-week summer intensive program for its Ballet Division students. Attending summer programs at LDTA is highly encouraged, as students can make tremendous progress during the summer months without the added pressure of academic studies. These programs offer students intensive training in ballet technique, exposure to various dance disciplines, and the exciting experience of working with various guest teachers. Additional studies can include (but are not limited to) jazz, modern, variations, dance history, anatomy, injury prevention, partnering, swing dancing, stage combat, hula, Chinese dance, pilates, and yoga.

The Children’s Division has limited class offerings during the summer, so early enrollment is highly recommended. Classes in ballet, hip hop, jazz, modern, tap, and Zumba are available for our Open Division students. Summer is a great time for teens and adults to train in a new dance discipline or try dance for the first time.

What is the class schedule?

You can find links to our class schedule and academy brochure in the top menu of our website.

What is the CSB Guild?

Centennial State Ballet is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing live ballet performances for the the community. We provide a high caliber performance opportunity for our dancers with costumes, lighting, sets and live musical accompaniment. Production costs for each performance are high and many ballet companies choose to reduce their costs by cutting back on many of these areas. To this end, it is important that all parents of CSB performers assist with productions tasks by volunteering as a CSB guild member to help us keep performance fees low.

Volunteer opportunities for the CSB Guild can be found at > Guild; they will also be provided at the parent meeting):

Front of House:
Ticket sales
Boutique liaison
Boutique sales
Flower liaison
Flower sales
Concessions liaison
Concession sales

Volunteer assigned to a specific group of performers
Volunteer not assigned to a specific group of performers
Level E/PBIP Room Parents
Transport and sign-in/out assistant
Upper door police
Sewing room assistant