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Longmont Dance Theatre Academy is Longmont’s only pre-professional ballet school. We offer the very finest in classical dance training of all genres and believe it’s crucial to emphasize ballet technique while offering a wide curriculum of classical dance styles. We believe that training in all types of dance provides the versatility necessary for our young ballerinas and male dancers while encouraging a broad understanding of dance as an art form. LDTA accepts students of all races, genders, ages, and national origins.


Thank you for choosing one of the best ballet schools for classical dance in the state of Colorado.  The dance training you receive at Longmont Dance Theatre Academy (LDTA) is so much more than a simple extracurricular activity.

Classical dance training is a methodical, graded process that requires a high level of commitment from parents/guardians and students.  It also requires self-discipline rarely matched by any other endeavor.  Students become an active partner in the process, developing a respect for the classical dance art form.

Our mission is simply stated but it is not simple to achieve: we strive to enliven and elevate the human spirit by means of dance, specifically the perfect form of dance known as ballet. A technique of movement that was born in the courts of kings and queens, ballet has survived to this day to become one of the most elegant, most adaptable, and most powerful means of human communication.

Ballet School History

Established in 1998.

Since its formation on August 31, 1998, LDTA’s vision has been to develop students whose lives are enhanced through their experience with the school, our faculty, and other artists.  We are dedicated to providing excellence in dance training to a diverse body of students.  Our comprehensive approach is based on the traditions of classical ballet and prepares students for the widest spectrum of opportunities within the artistic community and professional dance world.  LDTA has a fantastic facility with sprung floors and is pleased to provide experienced and highly trained instructors for our students.  Young dancers are able to develop their expertise in dance as a performance art in a healthy and energetic atmosphere.