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for ages 9 to Adult

The Academy Division offers two programs: The Ballet Program and The Choreograph Your Own Program.

For older students who choose to focus on ballet training, we offer the Ballet Program. The Ballet Program is an annual commitment. This program is LDTA’s recommended sequence of Intermediate, Advanced, and Pre-Collegiate courses for students in fourth through twelfth grades. For older students who are just starting or returning to ballet, we offer a Bridge Ballet 7-week course to help students enter the full Ballet Program.

The Choreograph Your Own Program is for students who would prefer to participate in dance without being in the full Ballet Program – These students typically have additional interests outside of dance. By “choreographing” their own program, students can meet their individual scheduling needs and interests. Students age 11+ may only take a pointe class if they are also taking three technique classes weekly and have been approved by the school director. Adults (18+) may take pointe without these requirements.


The Ballet Program

for Ages 9 to 18        

Students take a sequenced set of courses – starting in about fourth grade (minimum age nine).


The focus of this level is the continuation of ballet theory (e.g. introduction of croise and ecarte body positions), more advanced epaulement (arm and head movements), strength of core/legs/feet without tension for pre-pointe work, and a deepening knowledge of ballet vocabulary with one hand on the barre and in center exercises. All incorporated with maximum turnout and correct posture.

Intermediate Ballet I (ages 9+)

  • Intermediate Ballet I
  • Intermediate Modern I
  • Boys Dance (for male students)

Intermediate Ballet II (ages 10+)

  • Intermediate Ballet II
  • Pre-Pointe or Boys Dance
  • Intermediate Modern II


Students in this level should become aware of stylistic variations needed to approach a diverse choreographic repertoire with a complete working knowledge of the entire vocabulary and theory of the previous levels. Pointe work is introduced for females and more advanced tour en l’air and batteries are introduced for males.

Advanced Ballet I (ages 11+)

  • Advanced Ballet I – 3x a week
  • Pointe I or Boys Dance
  • Advanced Modern I

Advanced Ballet II (ages 12+)

  • Advanced Ballet II – 4x a week
  • Pointe II or Boys Dance
  • Advanced Modern II

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This high school program is by audition only whereby both male and female students leave their academic day one block early to train with LDT Academy. Classes in ballet technique, pointe, men’s class, partnering, pilates, gyrokinesis, modern, yoga, jazz, dance for camera, and choreography are offered as well as seminars in wellness, dance history, pedagogy, and practical dance studies.

Pre-Collegiate Ballet Intensive Program (ages 13+)

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Choreograph Your Own Program

for Ages 9+

To Choreograph Your Own Program, select classes that meet your schedule, interests, and level. All Ballet Program classes are available (for students placed in those levels) plus…

AERIALLongmont Dance Studios | longmont rec center classes

Ballet In The Air, or Aerial, will develop a student’s strength, flexibility, fitness and muscular endurance through an introduction to the exciting art of aerial silks. Offered quarterly at three levels:

  • Aerial Kids (ages 9-12)
  • Aerial Teen (ages 13-17)
  • Aerial Adult (ages 18+)


Bridge Ballet classes are offered for students who are just beginning their training. These classes provide a “bridge” in ballet training to the Ballet Program in the Academy Division. Offered quarterly at two levels:

  • Beginning 9-12 Ballet** for ages 9-12
  • Beginning Teen Ballet** for ages 13+
  • Beginning Adult Ballet for ages 18+


Various styles of Jazz such as Broadway, Street, and Contemporary create and develop a well-rounded dancer.

Offered as a quarterly class for beginning/intermediate teens & adults:

  • Teen/Adult Jazz** (ages 13+)

Or as an annual class in two levels:

  • Intermediate Jazz* (ages 9+)
  • Advanced Jazz* (ages 11+)


Modern dance is characterized by body movements and rhythms less formalized than in classical ballet and less firmly bound to predetermined musical form. Offered as an annual class in four levels:

  • Intermediate Modern I* (ages 9+)
  • Intermediate Modern II* (age 10+)
  • Advanced Modern I* (ages 11+ and beginning Adults)
  • Advanced Modern II* (ages 12+ and advanced Adults)


LDTA is championing ballet for boys by focusing on strength, skill, and power in classes. These male-focused classes are taught by a professional male dancer who becomes a role model through performance.

  • Intermediate/Advanced Boys Dance* (ages 9+)
  • Partnering (ages 12+ – by Audition only)


Homeschool classes are offered during the day with new, flexible options. Complete the Homeschool Request form to schedule your group of 4-8 students.


Adult classes are offered for the beginner to the advanced dancer and feature the LDTA syllabus focusing on artistry, fun, and a technical foundation.

  • Adult Aerial◊
  • Morning Ballet
  • Beginning Ballet◊
  • Intermediate Ballet
  • Advanced Ballet
  • Teen/Adult Jazz
  • Advanced Modern I (for beginning Adult students)
  • Advanced Modern II (for continuing Adult students)
  • Yoga

◊ Adult Aerial and Beginning Ballet are offered quarterly.