Children’s First Dance Classes…

Children begin to experience the joy and physical benefits of movement and music in these classes.


Course offerings:

Combo Ballet & Tap

for Ages 2 to 5        

Imagination and storytelling through dance are emphasized using guided, creative, age-appropriate activities. Activities to develop coordination, body awareness, and ballet and tap disciplines are part of each class.  *Recital Class

Students must be potty-trained by the first day of class.


Boys Dance

for Ages 2 to 5 

LDTA is championing ballet for boys by focusing on strength, skill and power in classes. These all male classes are taught by a professional male dancer who becomes a role model through performance. *Recital Class

Students must be potty-trained by the first day of class.

Little Birds

for Ages 6 months to 2 1/2 years

Derived from a research-based curriculum dedicated to brain development, little ones and their parents will be making joyful music. Sing songs, build community, play instruments, move , and experience music! *Non-Recital Class

A parent or caregiver attends this class with their child.


Piano Moves

for Ages 4+

Learn foundational music and movement skills through rhythm, improvisation, and tonal recognition in a fun, Suzuki- and Dalcroze-inspired group piano class. Using familiar songs, fun dances and partner work, this small class provides the foundation for excellent music education. *Non-Recital Class, but does include a short performance at the end of each 7-week session.

Class size is limited.