Frequently Asked Questions

LDTA COVID-19 Safer At Home Guidelines

Under these guidelines, LDT Academy reopened to the public on June 8th. You can read these guidelines on the official website for the state of Colorado.

LDT Academy classes are operating at no more than 25% capacity as long as all students/staff can maintain 6 ft distance and no sharing of equipment is required. Masks are required to be worn during all classes for all ages. If you or your child are unable to wear a mask, we encourage you to take one of our online classes offered via ZOOM.

Capacity per studio:

Studio One = 10; 9 students and 1 instructor

Studio Two = 7; 6 students+1 instructor

Studio Three will not be in use as studio space at this time.

There continues to be a risk of exposure to COVID-19.  Everyone should use their own judgment on whether to attend personal ballet training and classes.

If LDTA becomes aware that an infected person has been in the LDTA facility, the following procedures will be implemented:

  • LDTA will coordinate with local health officials. Once learning of a COVID-19 case in someone who has been in the facility, LDTA administration will immediately notify local health officials. These officials will help determine a course of action.
  • LDTA will halt all personal dance training sessions and ensure that no students and most staff re-enter the facility for a minimum of 2 days. This initial short-term closure allows time for the local health officials to gain a better understanding of the COVID-19 situation impacting the facility. This also allows the local health officials to help LDTA determine appropriate next steps, including whether an extended closure duration is needed to stop or slow the further spread of COVID-19.
  • LDTA will communicate with staff, parents, and students and coordinate with local health officials to communicate closure decisions and possible COVID-19 exposure.
  • LDTA will clean and disinfect the facility thoroughly. LDTA will close off areas used by the individuals with COVID-19. LDTA will wait up to 24 hours before beginning cleaning and disinfection to minimize staff exposure to potential particles.

LDTA’s 2020-21 classes begin August 24th. These policies and procedures will remain in effect until there is a change in our state, county, and/or city:

  • Studio One will have no more than 9 students at a time.
  • Studio Two will have no more than 6 students at a time.
  • Aerial Classes will be limited to 3 students per class.
  • No more than 2 studios will be used at a time for classes, programs, and personal training
  • Starting times will be staggered to ensure a minimal number of people entering the facility at once.
  • Employees and students will enter through the back door of the facility (behind the building).
  • Everyone who enters the facility will have their temperature taken and recorded upon entering using a thermal scanner. Only employees and registered students will be allowed to enter the studio. Anyone with signs of illness or a temperature of 100 or greater will not be allowed in the facility.
  • Face masks must be worn to enter the facility and must remain on during the entire time inside the facility.
  • Family members may wait in the front parking lot for students to finish. (Classes may be viewed through the front windows). 
  • A maximum of 20 people are allowed in the entire LDTA facility. Nobody will be allowed to enter once we are at capacity. Students and employees will be allowed into the building when capacity is available. Students should wait outside the back door to be invited into the facility. Please maintain social distancing while waiting for entry.
  • Dressing rooms and waiting areas will not be available. Small bags only may be carried into the facility. Water bottles are allowed; water fountains will not be available. LDTA is now a peanut/tree nut-free facility. Snacks other than nuts will be allowed. There will be no microwave or refrigerator available. Students should arrive in the appropriate dance clothing and may change only their shoes  and remove cover-ups prior to entering the studio space. 
  • During a training session, class or program, students will maintain a 6-foot distance from one another. If an employee needs to physically adjust a student, disposable gloves will be worn – this will be done as infrequently as possible, but may be required to prevent injuries. Other than for a physical adjustment, employees/instructors will maintain a 6-foot distance from students. Hand sanitizer will also be available in each studio as well as at the entrance and exit.
  • Students and employees will exit the studio through the front door (closest to the parking lot). 
  • After each private training session, class or intensive, the studio space will be cleaned/sanitized before another session will occur.
  • All classes/intensives/training sessions must be pre-paid online. Checks/cash are not accepted at the studio and there will be no walk-up/in-person registration. This also applies to Drop-In classes – please pre-register for your drop-in class prior to attending. Same-day registration is allowed.


LDTA classes are priced for the full series (year, semester, or quarter) and include a discount compared to drop-in rates. For your convenience, semester classes have an optional 4-month payment plan and annual classes have an optional 9-month payment plan.

Adults and Teens (Age 16+) may also purchase drop-in class cards.

The $45 family registration fee helps cover administrative costs associated with registration. This fee is charged once per calendar year per head of household account.

Tuition for 7-week sessions is due prior to the first day of class. Tutition is automatically pro-rated for students starting after the first day. Quarterly classes must be paid in full prior to attending the first class.

Tuition for 15-week or 17-week courses may be paid in full prior to the first day of class. There is also an 4-month optional payment plan available. The first payment is due upon registration with remaining payments due on 09/15, 10/15, and 11/15 for the Fall Semester. The first payment for the Spring Semester is due upon registration with remaining payments on 02/15, 03/15, and 04/15.

Tuition for 32-week courses may be paid in full prior to the first day of class. There is an optional 9-month payment plan available. The first payment is due upon registration with remaining payments due the 15th of each month (September through April).

You can make changes to your credit card or e-check information online through your family account in Classbug.

We’d be happy to help you with this. Contact us to request a payment date change by email registration@ldtacademy.com or phone 303.317.2707

Yes! After you register and make the first monthly payment, you can make a balance payment online at any time.

Yes. We have limited funding available for scholarships each year. We offer both a merit-based and a need-based scholarship by application only. The application period for the following school year is open from April to June each year. Applicants are notified by email by July 15.

Scholarships for the 2020/21 school year will be extremely limited. Please complete your tuition assistance application by August 15, 2020. Applications completed after this date may be considered, but families will need to register and make the first payment prior to receiving tuition assistance.

The family registration fee and school uniform is not covered by tuition and assistance and must also be purchased.

Absences, Closures, and Withdrawals

LDTA is closed for Labor Day, Thanksgiving Week, Winter Break and Spring Break. No classes are held for any division during these breaks. We are also closed for evening classes on Halloween – but classes during the morning/afternoon are still held.

Other breaks may vary by division. An LDTA or LDTA Division/Program calendar will be made available to each registered student.

When the SVVSD school district closes due to weather, LDTA classes are not held. Announcements about this will be available on the website, LDTA phone message, and in email alerts to the Head of Household accounts for registered students scheduled to attend class that day.

Enrollment in a class at LDTA is for a full series of 7-week, 16-week, or 32-week sessions. Withdrawal from a class is available under the following guidelines:

Children’s Division Withdrawal

Withdrawal with Intent to Return (Account Credit Given)

The Children’s Division 7-week sessions are designed to be short tastes of classes. If you realize your child is not yet ready for class, we will credit your account with any remaining classes toward registration in a future session.

Withdrawal without Intent to Return (Refund Requested)

Within 30 days of completing the LDTA Withdrawal Form, your account will be recalculated at the full weekly drop-in rate of classes through the date of withdrawal. A refunds will be made to the payment method on file.

Elementary Division Withdrawal

The Elementary Division 15- or 17-week sessions are available for children ages 5 to 9 attending Kindergarten through Third Grade.

Withdrawal requests must be submitted using the Leave of Absence Request form. You will be charged for the classes taken at the full Drop-In class rate. Temporary leaves due to an approved reason will be granted and you will retain the discounted class rate for classes you/your student have taken as well as classes that will be taken upon your/your student’s return.

Academy Division Withdrawal

Withdrawal and leave of absence requests must be submitted using the Leave of Absence Request form. You are responsible for 100% of tuition up to the date we receive this Leave of Absence Request.

During an approved leave of absence, payment plans will be paused. Once a student is able to return to LDTA, the amount due will be recalculated and the payment plan will be resumed at the original weekly rate. Leaves of absence are approved for medical reasons in both the ballet program and the choreograph your own program. Academic leaves of absence are approved in the ballet program only.

To completely withdraw from LDTA’s Academy Division (not intending to return), 100% of tuition is due through the date the Request Form is received at the non-discounted weekly rate. It may take up to 30 days to process your refund request.



Missed Classes

Poor attendance affects learning and progress in dance classes and can have a detrimental effect upon the entire class. Students are strongly encouraged to make up missed classes as progress and future class placement can be greatly affected by even one absence.

NEW COVID-19 POLICY: Students and employees at LDTA must not attend in-studio classes while sick. In addition, students and employees must not attend in-studio classes while awaiting the results of a COVID-19 test. Please assist us in keeping our students and teachers healthy by staying home when sick and practicing appropriate social distancing and mask use at all times.

Make-Up Classes

Students may make up missed classes in their class level or one class level below. When students miss a class, a make-up class card will be added to the account and the head of household will receive an email.

Makeup classes must be taken within four weeks of the absence and cannot be carried over into another academic season. **The four week limit will be extended during the 2020-21 academic session to encourage students to stay home when sick**


LDTA makes every attempt to hold classes as scheduled. Sometimes class cancellations are unavoidable.

Classes cancelled due to weather or instructor illness: Students will receive a make-up class card that can be used in any class at the same level or one level lower to the student’s placement. If necessary and if studio space is available, a make-up class may be scheduled for a different day or time or during a break.

Classes cancelled due to poor enrollment: Students will only be charged for the number of classes held. Any pre-paid funds will be refunded or given as store credit once a class has been officially removed from the schedule.

Snow/Weather Cancellation Policy

In the event of inclement weather, which may cause class cancellations, LDTA will place an outgoing message to that effect on the LDTA voicemail system. LDTA also utilizes Facebook and email communication to provide closure information to our patrons. Emails to registered students come from the email: info@ldtacademy.classbug.com and registration@ldtacademy.com. Additional email addresses in the ldtacademy.com domain may be used for financial accounts and specific programs.

LDTA uses the St. Vrain Valley School District as a guideline for weather cancellations. LDTA recommends checking the LDTA voicemail system to confirm whether or not classes will be held, as circumstances may change during the day to allow us to have regularly scheduled classes.

It is the student’s responsibility to find out if classes will be in session due to the weather.

Recitals and Performance Opportunities

The Children’s Division Holiday Recital is held at the end of second quarter during the Winter Break. Students registered in The Children’s Division in Combination Ballet/Tap (Combo) classes; Online Ballet for Pre-K/K; and/or Boys Dance class may participate in this recital.

Participation is optional. Additional participation fees and costume costs apply when participating in the recital. Recital packages are available.

The Annual Recital is actually three recitals: one for each division!

The Children’s Division Annual Recital is for students registered in fourth quarter of a Children’s Division Combo or Boys Dance class.

The Elementary Division Annual Recital is for students registered in Ballet K, Ballet 1, Ballet 2, Ballet 3, Online Ballet 1-3, Elementary/Intermediate Boys Dance, Elementary Tap and/or Elementary Hip Hop during the Spring semester.

The Academy Division Annual Recital is for students age 9+ registered for a recital class. (Adult classes and Aerial classes do not have a recital, however adults registered for Advanced Modern or Advanced Ballet in the Ballet Program are welcome to participate).

Participation is optional and additional fees and costume costs apply. Recital packages are available.

Participation Fees – Children’s Division Holiday or Annual Recital

Recital Packages are available. Pricing information available soon.

Participation Fees – Elementary Division Annual Recital

Recital Packages are available. Pricing information available soon.

Participation Fees – Academy Division Annual Recital

Recital Packages are available. Pricing information available soon.

Costume Costs

Costume prices range from $25 – $100 per costume. LDTA instructors choose recital costumes that are age appropriate, dance appropriate, and reasonably priced. If there are modesty concerns, please discuss these with the LDTA administration.

Photography Costs

Recital portraits are taken prior to each recital. Portrait packages may be ordered directly from Lifetouch either before or after Picture Day. Even if you do not plan to order pictures, please plan to attend Picture Day so that your child will be in the group photo. Pictures are then picked up from the LDTA office.

Due to COVID-19, group photos may not be available during the 2020-21 academic session.

Videography Costs

More information coming soon.

Recital Flowers

Performers love to receive flowers at the recital! Families may pre-order flowers to give to their student during the LDTA recital.

Recital Package

An all-in-one recital package will also be available which includes your participation fee, recital costume, video package, a keepsake and recital flowers.

Centennial State Ballet is the non-profit youth performance company founded by school owner, Kristin Kingsley. Kristin serves as the Executive Artistic Director of this company. CSB auditions and rehearsals are held at LDTA studios and there are several performance opportunities throughout the year. Visit centennialstateballet.org for more information about these performance opportunities.

LDTA Dress Code

LDTA offers unique T-shirts, jackets, sweats, and more for our students as an optional purchase. When new items are available, ordering information will be sent out via email to registered families. Items may be purchased online to be picked up in the studio.

COVID-19 UPDATE: The LDTA shoe/clothing exchange program has been paused until further notice. LDTA is unable to accept gently used clothing/shoes at this time. 

LDTA has a shoe & clothing exchange program where families can trade lightly used shoes and leotards for a different size at no cost. If you don’t have items to trade, you can purchase a gently used pair of shoes for just $10 or a gently used leotard for $5. 

The LDTA Exchange is run by NHSDA. Shoes, leotards, and other dance items may be exchanged at any time – special drives may be held throughout the year. When you donate shoes or dancewear to the exchange, you will receive a coupon that can be used toward the purchase of other gently used items.


School Uniforms for Ballet Classes coming for the 2020/21 academic session. Information available soon.

Longmont Dance Theatre Academy is proud to work with our local dance supply store, Boulder Body Wear. LDTA Students receive a 15% discount on items at Boulder Body wear!

Boulder Body Wear is located at 2850 Arapahoe Rd Suite 104 Lafayette, Co 80026 PH: 303-447-9100

Children’s Division (Combo 3/4/5) Attire

Girls: Black leotard, no unattached skirts; pink full-footed tights; pink leather ballet slippers; black tap shoes; hair in secure bun/pulled away from the neck and face

Boys: White fitted t-shirt or white tucked in t-shirt; black cotton pants/shorts; white socks; black leather ballet slippers; black tap shoes

Elementary Division Attire


Any style solid black leotard (no designs or sequins) or Ballet Recital blue/purple Leotard with attached skirt; no unattached skirts. No shirts of any kind may be worn over leotard during class. No shorts, capris, pants, or legwarmers allowed in Ballet Division classes and rehearsals.

Pink canvas or leather ballet slippers with drawstring bows tucked in.

Hair must be in a secure bun or pulled away from the neck and face; no swinging ponytails. Female students with short hair must use a headband and also secure the hair in the back.

Full-footed tights: Ballet Pink, Bloch Endura Adaptatoe convertible tights with seams.


White fitted t-shirt or LDTA tank; dark colored (black preferred) jazz/yoga pants, shorts, or tights; white socks; black leather or canvas ballet slippers

Male students with long hair must arrange hair off of the face and secure in a ponytail.

All students:

No dangly earrings longer than 1 inch. No necklaces, bracelets, anklets, rings, or watches allowed. Stud earrings are acceptable.

Elastics and ribbons on ballet slippers must be properly sewn.

Academy Division Attire 


Any style/color leotard; unattached skirts may be worn during pre-pointe/pointe class only. Shirts, shorts, capris, pants, and/or legwarmers are allowed in Academy Division Adult Classes only.

Pink canvas or leather ballet slippers with drawstring bows tucked in; only pointe students may wear split sole ballet slippers; applicable pointe and pre-pointe shoes must be properly fitted by Boulder Body Wear. Elastics and ribbons on ballet slippers and pointe shoes must be properly sewn.

Hair must be in a secure bun or pulled away from the neck and face; no swinging ponytails. Students with short hair must use a headband and also secure the hair in the back.

Full-footed tights: Ballet Pink, Bloch Endura Adaptatoe convertible tights with seams.


Solid color, fitted t-shirt; any color ballet tights; white socks; black leather or canvas ballet slippers.

Long hair must be arranged off of the face.

All students:

No dangly earrings longer than 1 inch. No necklaces, bracelets, anklets, rings, or watches allowed. Stud earrings are acceptable. 

A dance notebook should be carried at all times so that they may be prepared to take notes regarding classes and rehearsals.

Non-Ballet Classes

Hip Hop:

Girls and Boys: Leotard of any color or shirt with no words; loose fitting pants: jazz, yoga, workout, or sweatpants (no jeans); flat bottom tennis shoes (shoes must not be worn outside – this prevents damage to our studio flooring from bacteria, glass, rocks, or pebbles); hair must be pulled back from face and neck; no skirts, no shorts, and no half shirts will be tolerated.


Girls: Leotard of any style and color; tan, non-shiny tights; Lycra jazz pants or lycra bike shorts, black tap shoes or black jazz shoes (class appropriate). No baggy clothes; no sneakers; no jeans; hair must be pulled back from face and neck.

Boys: T-shirt of any color; Lycra jazz pants or lycra bike shorts; black tap shoes or black jazz shoes (class appropriate); no baggy clothes; no sneakers; no jeans.

Modern and Ballet in the Air:

Girls: Leotard of any style and color; any color footless tights; no shoes or sock; hair pulled back from face and neck.

Boys: T-shirt of any color; loose fitting pants (no jeans); no shoes/socks.

Additional Dress Code Considerations

For security reasons, street clothing and street shoes are required when entering and exiting the building. Dance shoes are prohibited from being worn outside the studio.

For hygienic reasons, shoes must be worn at all times inside the building except during modern, conditioning, and ballet in the air classes.

Gently used dance clothing and shoes will be available during the Shoe Exchange.


LDTA Additional Programs

LDTA offers a 6-week summer program.

Summer Camps

Students entering Kindergarten through Third Grade may register for our themed summer camps. Themes vary summer to summer, but typically include a ballet class, a non-ballet dance class, and a craft/activity time. Students participate in short performances for their parents and LDTA summer intensive students at the end of each week.

Summer Intensives

Attending a summer intensive programs at LDTA is highly encouraged, as students can make tremendous progress during the summer months without the added pressure of academic studies. These programs offer students intensive training in ballet technique, exposure to various dance disciplines, and the exciting experience of working with various guest teachers. Additional studies can include (but are not limited to) jazz, modern, variations, dance history, anatomy, injury prevention, partnering, swing dancing, stage combat, hula, Chinese dance, pilates, and yoga.

Summer Classes

The Children’s Division has limited class offerings during the summer, so early enrollment is highly recommended.

Classes in ballet, hip hop, jazz, modern, tap, and ballet in the air are available for our Elementary and Academy Division students. Summer is a great time for both youth and adults to train in a new dance discipline or try dance for the first time.

Most evening summer classes are offered at the beginning level.

The National Honor Society for Dance Arts (NHSDA) is for Academy Division students in grades six through twelve.

The Junior Chapter is for students in sixth, seventh, and eighth grade. Students may apply to join at the end of fifth grade.  Members of the NHSDA Junior Chapter have bi-monthly meetings, participate in a service project, and have planned activities throughout the year.

The Secondary Chapter is for students in ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grade. Students may apply to join at the end eighth grade. Members of the NHSDA Secondary Chapter have bi-monthly meetings and planned activities. They also plan and participate in the LDTA Exchange and hold a fundraiser each year. Junior and Senior members may also apply for a scholarship each year with the National Dance Education Organization (NDEO).

The short answer is that the Pre-Collegiate Ballet Intensive Program is an intense training program in ballet for high school students who leave their school day early to train daily.  PBIP is an audition only program at LDTA. Auditions are held each December for the following school year.

The longer answer is in the PBIP Approach:

Intensive ballet training is more than technique. Our students are encouraged to be creative problem solvers, self-directed learners, community advocates, focused workers, and brilliant young artists. Every student has talents and challenges and it is within this particular alchemy that an individual artist can discover his or her voice as a dancer. It is the role of the instructor to provide feedback and guidance; it is the role of the student to make the changes. 

We, at LDTA, believe training in ballet is not about becoming a star, it is about embracing the rigorous daily work that is its own reward. Success is not about perfection; success is about standing back up when you fall down. Achievement is not about being cast in a big role; achievement is in performing any role, no matter how small, with commitment and discipline. 

We believe that, at its best, pre-professional ballet training teaches creativity, empathy, lateral thinking, teamwork, determination, self-respect, and grit. In classwork, our students learn to set goals, to overcome challenges, to accept criticism, and to evaluate their progress. In rehearsals, our students learn teamwork, individual responsibility, and perseverance. Onstage, our students are graceful, poised, flexible young people who can respond to adversity on the fly. We are proud of our students when they go on to do whatever they aspire to do in life, whether that is to dance or not, because we believe our students can do anything they set their minds to, and we can give them some tools to help them out along the way.