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The PBIP Approach

Intensive pre-collegiate ballet training is more than technique. Our students are encouraged to be creative problem solvers, self-directed learners, community advocates, focused workers, and brilliant young artists. Every student has talents and challenges and it is within this particular alchemy that an individual artist can discover his or her voice as a dancer. It is the role of the instructor to provide feedback and guidance; it is the role of the student to make the changes.

We, at LDTA, believe training in ballet is not about becoming a star, it is about embracing the rigorous daily work that is its own reward. Success is not about perfection; success is about standing back up when you fall down. Achievement is not about being cast in a big role; achievement is in performing any role, no matter how small, with commitment and discipline.

We believe that, at its best, pre-collegiate ballet training teaches creativity, empathy, lateral thinking, teamwork, determination, self-respect, and grit. In classwork, our students learn to set goals, to overcome challenges, to accept criticism, and to evaluate their progress. In rehearsals, our students learn teamwork, individual responsibility, and perseverance. Onstage, our students are graceful, poised, flexible young people who can respond to adversity on the fly. We are proud of our students when they go on to do whatever they aspire to do in life, whether that is to dance or not, because we believe our students can do anything they set their minds to, and we can give them some tools to help them out along the way.

This program is expected to provide an outstanding training opportunity for Longmont-area students who achieve highly in both balletic and academic pursuits. The program will prepare students for ballet-based degree programs at the collegiate level, for the rigors of a professional ballet career, and for academic collegiate success.

Pre-Collegiate Ballet Intensive Program students leave the school day early to take classes at LDT Academy. Classes may vary each year, but typically include:

  • Ballet on Pointe or Men’s Technique (2x per week)
  • Ballet Technique (2x per week)
  • Modern (1x per week)
  • Additional Dance Technique (such as Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, etc…) (1x per week)
  • Variations & Partnering (1x per week on rotating schedule)
  • Cross-training such as Yoga, Pilates, Stretch/Strengthening, and more…

Auditions for the 2021-2022 academic session will be held on December 14, 2020. For more information about our Pre-Collegiate Intensive Program or for a link to the audition registration form, please contact us by emailing pbip@ldtacademy.com or by calling 303.317.2707.