Originally  from México, received her first formal Dance training at the age of 14 from the State Council for Arts and Culture of the (Hidalgo, Mexico). She performed with a few Dance Companies including: Ave Danza, Cuerpos Hibridos and the Contemporary Company of the Hidalgo University. 


In 2010 she received a scholarship to attend a semester of the Contemporary Dance Bachelors Degree program at the University  of Chile. She then graduated in 2011 from the Autonomous University of the State of Hidalgo with a Bachelors degree in Contemporary Dance.


Upon graduation she joined multiple  Dance  Companies  of resorts around the Mayan Riviera performing for three years in theatrical productions with multiple style of dance. This period was an important influence during her career since it was when she became interested in Aerial Dance and started training and performing in multiple apparatus, in 2015 she joined Frequent Flyers Professional Training program in Boulder CO. She concluded her training  on  may 2016. Then She completed her Teacher  training in 2018. Since  then she is training, performing, teaching, enjoying  life and following dreams. 

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