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INTRO WEEKS are offered approximately every 3 weeks. Join us during an Intro Week or allow us to help you choreograph an introduction to LDTA that works for your schedule! During your Intro Week, you will be able to take a selection of classes, meet our instructors and staff, and learn more about dancing at LDTA. Contact us by phone or text at 303.317.2707 or fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we’ll reach out!


A fusion of circus arts, dance, and aerial arts using aerial silks and lyra (hoop). Ballet In The Air, or Aerial, will develop a student’s strength, flexibility, fitness and muscular endurance. Available for Kindergarten through Adult students.

Afro-Pop-Jazz Fusion

Afro-Pop-Jazz Fusion focuses on teaching technique and choreography that borrows from Pan-African vernacular and street dances found throughout the continent and the diaspora, as well as Hip-Hop, House, and Jazz Funk. We will focus on polycentric dance techniques that will blend upper and lower body isolations with rhythmical footwork that complements the polyrhythms of Afrobeat, Afrobeats, Afrohouse and more! Available for Third Grade through Adult students.


Since its formation on August 31, 1998, Longmont Dance Theatre Academy’s vision has been to develop students whose lives are enhanced through their experience with the ballet school, our faculty, and other artists.  We are dedicated to providing excellence in dance training to a diverse body of students.  Our comprehensive approach is based on the traditions of classical ballet and prepares students for the widest spectrum of opportunities within the artistic community and professional dance world.  LDTA has a fantastic facility with sprung floors and is pleased to provide experienced and highly trained instructors for our students.  Young dancers are able to develop their expertise in dance as a performance art in a healthy and energetic atmosphere.

Ballet/Tap Combination

For our youngest dancers, LDTA offers a Combination Ballet & Tap class. Children age 2 to 5 who are not yet registered for Kindergarten begin to experience the joy and physical benefits of movement and music in their first fusion class at LDTA.


A vibrant and entertaining dance that is suitable for beginners. This is a combination of cardiovascular exercises mixing the graceful movements of Indian dance, together with
modern hip hop, contemporary, and funk dance styles while dancing to the beat of modern Indian music. Available for Kindergarten through Adult students.

Boys Dance

LDTA is championing ballet for boys by focusing on strength, skill, and power in classes. In addition to specific boys dance classes, boys are welcome in all classes at LDTA. 


Modern dance seeks new terminology, concepts, and techniques that broaden the definition of dance. As a performing art, it was developed in the 20th century by Isadora Duncan, Ruth St. Denis, Martha Graham, among others and is now shaped by performers all over the world. Dancers will explore suspension & release, fall & recovery, the use of momentum, connecting breath with movement & inversions. Available for Fifth Grade and up.

Teens & Adults Dance

LDTA offers classes for older Teens and Adults who  want to experience the joy and physical benefits of dance! Offerings include Aerial, Ballet, Bollywood, Jazz, and Tap. 

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